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The Art of Selling a Business Successfully

During this 30-minute Leading Peers Master Class, Claudio Vilas provides actionable tips for CEOs seeking to sell their business. He explores the most important things you can do now to set your company up for a successful acquisition, whether in the near future or years down the road.

He'll address important questions related to selling your business, including:

  • When should you start getting ready to sell your business?

  • When is the best — and the worst — time to sell your business?

  • How long does it take?

  • What multiples on adjusted EBITDA should you expect?

  • How do you get ready to sell?

  • What are the major steps in selling a business?

  • What areas do you need to consider to sell your business successfully?

Claudio has more than 25 years of experience as an international executive for Fortune 500 companies and as an entrepreneur. He was formerly a marketing director for Latin America, overseeing sales of more than $300 million, and a domestic channel marketing director, overseeing sales of more $1 billion. More recently, he has owned and led several successful businesses in South Florida.

Claudio is passionate about helping clients achieve their fullest potential and assisting them in either buying or selling their businesses.




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