Elevate Yourself
to the Next Level

Peer Advisory Board

Members join an exclusive Peer Advisory Board with no more than seven other diverse leaders in non-competing businesses of a similar size.

An accredited Leading Peers Group Leader facilitates a powerful monthly Board Meeting, where peers share current challenges and opportunities. All conversations are confidential, empowering, authentic, trusted peer-to-peer connections in a safe space.

Our Proven Peer Advisory Board Methodology Gives You:

  • Diverse business insights, ideas, perspectives, strategies, and tools

  • Camaraderie, emotional support, and a culture of inclusion

  • Purpose, direction, commitment, motivation, and accountability to put your business plan into action for your company to succeed

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Members benefit from a one-to-one relationship with an accredited Leading Peers mentor and experienced entrepreneur. These reciprocal, trusted and confidential relationships provide:

  • Clarity on goals in all spheres of life

  • Guidance to strategize and plan for personal and professional success

  • Resources and a Mentee Toolkit

  • Accountability to take decisive action

Expert Training

Many entrepreneurs do not have a business degree, and those who do admit that the reality of managing a business in today’s ever evolving and unpredictable world requires lifelong learning.

Our training sessions are led by diverse business leaders with deep expertise in coaching successful CEOs and entrepreneurs.


The Leading Peers Learning Curriculum focuses on the business skills, personal development, leadership mindset, and organizational strategies that our members need to succeed.

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Entrepreneur Community

Leading Peers provides the network, forums, and platforms to connect and engage entrepreneurial peers. These trusted peer-to-peer relationships — built upon a shared passion for business, leadership, and lifelong learning — are critical to your success.


Leading Peers is not for people who want to:

  • Become entrepreneurs "someday”

  • Outsource all strategic decision-making

  • Avoid the effort required to elevate oneself

  • Hide challenges and obstacles out of fear of exposure