What Our
Members Say...

Matt Silvers, CEO

SEO4anyone Inc.

"The Leading Peers members have been a sounding board for me as I transition my daily responsibilities as CEO and venture into new markets. The perspective of other business owners who are not my core group of friends has opened my mind to new opportunities and ways of implementing change I had not considered prior."

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Paul Farago, CEO


"Leading Peers has given me a sounding board, made up of other entrepreneurs with varying experiences and perspectives, with whom I can share information in confidence, which is helping me make vital decisions for my business."


Seth Fine, President

Fine Awards

"Over the years I have felt alone at the top, making decisions that affect the growth of my business. Leading Peers offers me a unique team of CEOs that can both challenge and support me in all aspects of my professional development. When I sold my business, Leading Peers was my sounding board to discuss the deal, giving me the confidence that my decisions were best for my family and me."

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Matt Dernis, President

Retirement Consultant Services

"Leading Peers has allowed me to finally have my own Advisory Board with members that do not have conflicting interests in my business, who can share their honest opinions based on their business experience."

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Julian Telias, President

Tel Investment Group

"Leading Peers has allowed me to get out of my routine and refresh my mind. Each time our peer group meets, I feel I gain perspective and inspiration."


Mauricio Bayon, President

Bayon Technologies Group

"The opportunity I get from Leading Peers to bounce ideas off other business owners without judgment and hesitation is priceless."