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Membership gives you full access to our 5 transformative programs

Expert Workshops

Ongoing CEO education

Expert-led Summits

Peer Advisory Board

A trusted group of CEOs advising and supporting each other

Peer Advisory Board

One-to-One Coaching

Gain insights from your peers

One-On-One Coaching

Member Networks

Collaborate with fellow members around

 shared interests


Networking Events 

In-person events to connect with peers

Networking Events

Peer Advisory Board

As a member, you will join an exclusive Peer Advisory Board with no more than eight diverse leaders in non-competing businesses of a similar size.

An accredited Leading Peers Group Leader facilitates a powerful monthly Board Meeting, where you and your peers share current challenges and opportunities. All conversations are confidential, empowering, authentic, trusted peer-to-peer connections in a safe space.

Our Proven Peer Advisory Board Methodology gives you:

  • Diverse business insights, ideas, perspectives, strategies, and tools

  • Camaraderie, emotional support, and a culture of inclusion

  • Purpose, direction, commitment, motivation, and accountability to put your business plan into action for your company to succeed

Peer Advisory Board icon
Peer Advisory Board
One-to-One Coaching

You will meet one-to-one with a different member of your peer board each month to coach one another. Accredited Peer Board Leaders train every member on how to maximize their coaching sessions for mutually beneficial guidance and support.  


Our Proven One-to-One Coaching provides you with: 

  • A safe space for peer-to-peer coaching  

  • The opportunity to build trust and solidify lasting friendships within your peer board 

  • A chance to refine your coaching, mentoring, listening, communication and relationship-building skills 

Mentorship icon
Expert Workshops

You will have full access to an ever-expanding Leading Peers Learning Curriculum that focuses on developing the business knowledge and leadership skills CEOs need to succeed. 

Our Proven Expert Training Method gives you:

  • Access to monthly, virtual live training led by business experts

  • Tools and resources you can start applying and bring to your business

  • An online content library where you can easily search for past trainings, and re-watch them

  • Access to experts you can connect with for advisory and consulting services

Expert training icon
On-to-One Coaching
Networking Events

You will have access to in-person events where you can develop new connections beyond those in your peer advisory board.


Our events are enjoyable while also creating new insights for you through thoughtful discussion and a lively exchange of ideas among peers. 


Our Proven Networking Event Method gives you:

  • Access to three in-person events throughout the year

  • A safe space for you to openly voice your thoughts and gain new insights and resources

  • The opportunity to build new connections that may evolve into meaningful, enduring relationships

Comunity icon
Networking Events

Member Networks:
Stay Connected: Anytime, 

You can use our online channels on your computer and phones to communicate with fellow members conveniently and on the go. 

Our Proven Online Communication Method gives you:

  • A safe space to exchange challenges, information and ideas with your peer board colleagues in between monthly meetings

  • A virtual forum to share ideas, opportunities and resources with anyone in our community with whom you have common interests 

  • Access to our member directory and individual profiles helping you create new relationships and deepen existing ones

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