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Our mission is to help CEOs succeed so their people and businesses prosper. 

Spending the past 20 years as a CEO, Leo Popik founded four multimillion-dollar businesses.

Throughout his journey, Leo has learned invaluable business leadership lessons — from both failures and successes — that taught him how to live a more purposeful life.


Leo founded Leading Peers for fellow chief executives to share insights and experiences, with gratitude and humility, in peer-to-peer relationships of reciprocated learning, trust, and respect.

"Choosing an entrepreneur and CEO lifestyle comes with indescribable feelings of freedom and purpose. It also evokes a strong sense of loneliness and stress when navigating the roadblocks, setbacks and personal sacrifices that come with business leadership. Leading Peers is designed to help passionate CEOs who are committed to building successful organizations and teams. Our goal is to provide the support and resources to help you grow throughout your unique leadership journey."

Leo Popik 

Founder & CEO, Leading Peers

Leandro Popik headshot

The Leading Peers community provides a safe and supportive space for chief executives who are ready to ask for help and support others. We are a trusted network of like-minded leaders committed to business, family, community, and one another.

When you join, expect to embark on your own journey of lifelong learning and gain the clarity, confidence, and support needed to achieve your biggest personal and professional goals.

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