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See How We 

Are Different

We understand that CEOs have various options for joining a peer community. We've designed Leading Peers to be powerful, efficient, and accessible. 



A facilitator with significant CEO experience leads each of our peer advisory boards. Our facilitators go through our Peer-Board-Leader Certification Program and attend bi-monthly training sessions. 


Trusted Seven

Our advisory boards are capped at eight members, giving members seven peers with whom to build strong, trust-based relationships.


Best Fit

Our prospects can visit different peer advisory boards and choose the one right for them.


Member Vetting

Our members determine who joins their peer advisory board.


Peer Coaching

Our members receive one-on-one coaching from their peers monthly. 


Respectful of Your Time

We run efficient, streamlined peer advisory meetings that only require a half-day commitment per month.


Diverse Delivery

We offer in-person, online, and hybrid boards in English and Spanish.



While we have a set of criteria each member must meet, we're the only CEO community that gives access to entrepreneurs below $1M in annual revenue.



Our pricing is substantially lower, and our payment terms are appreciably better than those of other CEO communities.

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