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Expanding Your Sphere of Influence

As a CEO focused on business growth, you must master the art of expanding your influence continuously. Influence is a powerful leadership characteristic and is generally more powerful than authority. The ability to have a strong, positive influence empowers you to make an impact on others, affecting their behavior, moving them to a specific action, and shifting their mindset. Ultimately, influence is the utmost motivator.

Servant leaders use influence to leverage the positive impact they make on others’ lives. For instance, they recruit the right people for their teams. They bring out the best in each employee. They convert prospects into new customers and increase the business they get from their existing customers.

Expanding your influence is critical to business success. It also benefits your personal life and ability to contribute positively to your community. Here are four tips for servant leaders to expand their sphere of influence.

1. Exercise Empathy

  • Empathy is the foundation of great listening. When you empathize, you don’t just understand what is said; you feel what the other person is feeling.

  • When you empathize with others, your words carry more weight because they connect — sincerely and authentically — with your audience emotionally.

2. Be Interested in Other People

  • Be a catalyst for helping others solve their problems.

  • Show appreciation for people and the quality work they deliver.

  • Recognize people openly and celebrate their achievements.

3. Use Your Inherent Talents to Broadcast Your Message

  • Leverage channels that best convey your leadership messages, such as blogs, social media, or public speaking. If you’re a great writer, craft a blog or article. If you’re a great public speaker, influence others with your voice.

  • Improve your communications skills and hone your talents with a coach or professional organization. Get a speaking or writing coach to refine your skills or hire an advertising agency to help craft effective commercials and campaigns.

  • If you’re a great networker, use that talent to build relationships. If you are shy or don’t know where to start, attend in-person or virtual tradeshows and conferences and community, association, professional, industry, or interest-based events.

4. Maintain Consistency and Authenticity

  • Have a unique message that is original and consistent across all platforms.

  • Ensure your message aligns with and conveys your core values.

Final Note: Expanding your influence requires intention and effort. Joining a Peer Advisory Board that provides diverse business insights, ideas, perspectives, strategies, and tools will help you shape your sphere of influence consistently and authentically to grow your business.



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