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Peer Perspectives: Paul Farago

Paul Farago, CEO of AceMarks, is well-versed in navigating uncertainty. When the pandemic hit, it brought a trifecta to Paul’s business. The owner of a direct-to-consumer luxury men’s shoe company, Paul had to manage:

  • Selling luxury retail when men weren’t going into the office

  • Rethinking brick-and-mortar relationships vs. Amazon distribution

  • Forecasting the future of work and a more casual product mix

“My biggest challenge was figuring out a great way to scale,” Paul said. “Since the pandemic, it’s been difficult to identify a channel to run with. The question became, ‘How much do we pivot or stay the course and hope for a return to normal?’”

In the October episode of Peer Perspectives[SW1] , Leading Peers CEO Leo Popik talks with Paul about company culture, transparency and employee relationships, and how the pandemic forced AceMarks out of its comfort zone and into new growth opportunities while its competitors failed.


1 comment

1 Comment

Deborah Spring Laurel
Deborah Spring Laurel
Oct 29, 2021

What a wonderful testimony for the experience of being part of a Leading Peers group!

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