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Conference Room

Values and Confidentiality Pledge

Core Values


Share true information openly in our discussions, and never share another member’s information without their consent.

Personal Relationships

Build meaningful and enduring relationships to propel everyone’s success.


Align your actions with your words, honor your commitments, and provide value to other members.


Help others succeed through your advice, encouragement, and connections.

Lifelong Learning

Listen, ask questions, and welcome different perspectives and advice from others.

Social Responsibility

Serve your family, your company’s stakeholders, and your community.


Put in the effort to constantly improve, and to persevere in the face of adversity.



Be humble and accept challenges as opportunities to grow.

Confidentiality Pledge


Non-Disclosure: I will not reveal issues and information shared by another member to any other person or organization without the prior consent of all the parties involved. I understand that this non-disclosure pledge includes but is not limited to peer-group meetings, one-to-ones, and the Leading Peers Member Portal. When contacting another member about an issue, I will be circumspect when leaving messages that may be seen by the member's employees. 


Usernames and Passwords: I will not share the username and password that I use to access my Leading Peers Member Login section. If I think that my login information has been stolen or lost, I will immediately notify the Leading Peers' Support Desk.


Non-Solicitation: I will not use the directories and e-mail addresses within the Leading Peers Member Login section to solicit business or compile marketing or contact lists. I will not use the information obtained through Leading Peers to seek customers or employees from another member.


Reminder: I understand that this confidentiality agreement is not binding on third parties or in a court of law. I acknowledge that Leading Peers' members may be called upon to testify on matters discussed in meetings or on Leading Peers discussion forums. I am aware that Leading Peers may be required to disclose information or materials under subpoenas or other processes of law. Therefore, I understand that I must exercise caution when discussing anything that I would not want anyone to disclose in any legal proceeding. I acknowledge that Leading Peers cannot control, monitor, or be responsible for its members' conduct, and that disputes or claims arising out of violations of this Pledge shall remain between the disputing parties without liability to Leading Peers.


Email: I consent to giving Leading Peers the right to send me emails, including, but not limited to, surveys and updates.

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